SAALS (South Australian Analytical Laboratory Services) food testing, chemical testing, water testing, parasite testing, surface hygiene
« LATEST NEWS »     ...     SAALS introduced Real time QPCR system into its testing line

Appointed analyst by Department of Agriculture for testing import food products in South Australia.–>

This prestigious achievement is another golden feather in SAALS cap. SAALS achievement helps the food import companies in South Australia to get their product tested immediately once their products arrived in South Australia.

SAALS organises free pick up from Department of Agriculture (DA) destination. We have chiller vehicles for bulk products which assure the customers, the integrity of their products.

Food manufacturers doesn’t not need to worry about the temperature hiccups happens with interstate transfer of their products during summer which may end up outliers in testing criteria. We are keen to provide faster turnaround time for the testing services, which helps the customers to get an early release of their products from DA custody. We are capable of providing a competitive quotes to all the testing.

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