SAALS (South Australian Analytical Laboratory Services) food testing, chemical testing, water testing, parasite testing, surface hygiene
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food testing - South Australia - Adelaide

Quality food products are your consumer’s choice.

In order to achieve quality, your company must adhere to a strict quality control regime. To measure the standards and evaluate the quality measures in the food industry, companies need an accurate assessment by Microbiological analysis, process evaluation and rigorous audits.

SAALS (South Australian Analytical Laboratory Services) provides a reliable service for food manufacturers to identify and evaluate their products at affordable expense in reliable conditions.

  • SAALS has a state of the art food testing laboratory.

    SAALS is NATA accredited for biological testing. NATA accreditation is a major milestone in our path towards service excellence. Overseas buyers are demanding and insist on having proof of product quality when purchasing from Australian producers.

    Test reports from SAALS are getting accepted internationally due to our NATA accreditation. SAALS is owned by pioneers in Meat Industry.

    We have been in Food industry for more than 25 years; we know the industry well and it help us to respond in a more proactive manner than a simple Laboratory. Further information about food and water testing »

  • SAALS has an established program for surface hygiene testing.

    Tests are performed in the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) endorsed laboratory by a team of highly trained and experienced analysts using the appropriate methods.

    Quick and easy ways to accurately monitor the cleanliness of surfaces to help ensure product quality. Further information about surface hygiene testing »

  • This prestigious achievement is another golden feather in SAALS cap. SAALS achievement helps the food import companies in South Australia to get their product tested immediately once their products arrived in South Australia.

    SAALS offers free pick up from Department of Agriculture (DA). We have chiller vehicles for bulk products which assure the customers, the integrity of their products.
    Food manufacturers doesn’t not need to worry about the temperature hiccups happens with interstate transfer of their products during summer which may end up outliers in testing criteria’s. We are keen to provide faster turnaround time for the testing services, which helps the customers to get an early release of their products from DA custody. We are capable of providing a competitive quotes to all the testing.

  • SAALS is a Department of Agriculture approved testing facility for Trichinella testing in South Australia.

    We regularly test Wild Boar samples for the parasite Trichinella. Our testing reports are recognized by European nations and US. Further information about parasite testing »

At SAALS you can directly communicate with Lab Management and respective sections easily at any time, we are always reachable.